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Going Rogue with Xojo

Does your company use Xojo? Do you wish it did? Maybe it’s time to go rogue!

I’ve been there myself. In 2002, I worked as a developer at a company that used only PowerBuilder and Java for its enterprise apps. One day our tech writer expressed frustration that much of the text she needed for the docs already existed in certain database tables, but she didn’t have a way to access the database (Oracle).

I could have written a small tool in PowerBuilder or Java to pull this data out for her, but the deployment headaches and general overhead made me decide to give Xojo (then RealBasic) a try. In a very short time, I created a Windows app that could connect to the Oracle database, get the data from the table that was needed, format the data a bit and export it in a way she could use for her docs. Plus this was a small self-contained tool that didn’t require Java or any other overhead. She was still using this tool over a year later when I left the company!

At the next company I worked for, which only used Microsoft .NET, I often used Xojo to try out ideas and create mockups. This proved to be much faster than using Visual Studio.

I would love to hear from people that are using Xojo “under the radar”, so to speak, to get things done. Perhaps you’re not technically a programmer, but you created an app to help your department. Or you created a web app to help disseminate information. Maybe you use Xojo to augment the “standard” tools used by your company. It is always amazing to hear about the different ways that people use Xojo and I’d love to hear more. I’ll even try to share some of the best stories (anonymously and with your permission, of course).

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(inspired by Going Rogue with Basecamp)