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iOS Declares

Our user community has been busy enhancing the capabilities of Xojo for iOS with Declares!

We have been quite pleased with the feedback we’ve received about Xojo iOS, but we are commonly asked when Xojo will support a specific iOS feature that it does not yet have. We will be adding new iOS features with each release, but you may not have to wait for us to add a feature. With a bit of knowledge about CocoaTouch and the use of the Declare command in Xojo, there are many things you can take advantage of today.

In particular, I’d like to call out a couple projects:

iOSKit by Jason King

This project (on GitHub) adds a wide variety of things to Xojo for iOS. This is just a short list:

  • UISearchBar
  • UIGestureRecognizer
  • Camera access
  • UIPicker
  • QRCode

And much, much more!

iOSWrapper by Michel Bujardet

This project (also on GitHub) adds some methods to make it easier for people to get used to the Xojo framework and also adds many of the iOS declares that have been posted in the forum.

Others have created projects and Declares as well. Stay tuned to the iOS Declares conversation in the forum for the latest community projects.

If you’d like to try creating Declares yourself, you can also take a look at the Declares that are included with Xojo as part of the examples (Examples/iOS/Declares). In addition, you can watch the Creating Simple iOS Declares webinar to see how to create a simple Declare from scratch.

EDIT (10/13/2015): An ongoing list of iOS Declare Example Projects.

Download Xojo iOS and of course, you should consider coming to XDC 2015, which will have a more detailed Declare session and many Xojo engineers to talk to!

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