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Code Editor Fonts

There are a wide variety of fonts that work great with the Xojo code editor. All are much better choices than using System or Courier! For best results, you are going to want to use a monospaced font. Read on for some of my favorites.

This font is installed by default on MacOS. It is big and very easy to read.

Also included by default on MacOS.

Source Code Pro
Adobe just released this font in 2012 or so and I really like it. I have been using as my default font since I first found out about it. The screen shot below shows how it looks in Xojo on Mac.

This is what I used until I switched to Source Code Pro. It is a little smaller than other fonts at the same point size.

This is the first alternative font I used. I think the others mentioned here are nicer.

What do you use?
There are dozens of other great programming fonts. What is your favorite? Let us know on Twitter (@xojo).
Note: A version of this post was previously published in Oct 2012.