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Redirect Your Domain To A Xojo Cloud Web App

When you sign up for a Xojo Cloud account, you are assigned an IP address for your server. Pointing a domain name at it is pretty easy.

You have to go to your domain name registrar for the domain and add a “A” record to the DNS settings. Here is an example for Hover:


Once this change propogates (which can take several hours depending on a variety of factors), you’ll be able to access your server using your domain name.

Currently Xojo Cloud web apps require the directory of the web app in the URL. This means that the even after mapping the domain name, the actual URL will have to look like something like this:

But with a little bit of HTML, you can redirect the domain to a specfic web app.

For example, say I want to automatically display the EEWeb example. I can create a simple index.html file that looks like this:

<html><head><meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url="></head></html>

And use the Xojo Cloud File Manager to upload it to the “Web Applications” location on the Xojo Cloud server.

Now, the url automatically displays the EEWeb example. Note that after the redirect, the full URL (including the directory) will appear in the browser address bar.

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