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Use IDE Scripting To Be More Efficient

Did you know that you can create scripts to control the Xojo IDE? And many of these scripts could be real time savers.

As you roll into the new year, it can be a good time to review your workflows to see if you can make some improvements. Perhaps IDE Scripts can help with that.


I was reminded of this by the wonderful “Share useful IDE scripts” forum conversation (started by Jeremy Cowgar) that has some great script examples. Be sure to check it out. Some of the script examples include:

  • Sort lines of code
  • Toggle Find Panel Display
  • Reload a Project
  • Find/Find Next
  • Project Diff
  • Markdown Preview
  • Obfuscate Code

And don’t forget Jeremy’s wonderful Code Formatting IDE Script which is available on GitHub:

When you’re ready to create your own scripts, read the IDE Scripting docs in the Xojo Dev Center:

I’ve written about IDE Scripts before (Build All The Things and IDE Scripts Included with Xojo), so also be sure to review those scripts for examples and ideas.