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Location, Motion, PicturePicker & More: New iOS Features in Xojo

In addition to the iOS Table Features I blogged about earlier, Xojo 2016r2 includes these additional powerful iOS features:

  • Location
  • Motion
  • PicturePicker
  • ScrollableArea
  • SharingPanel


The iOSLocation class can be used to display all types of location information with varying levels of accuracy.


Use the iOSMotion class to get information about all the motion sensors in your iOS device, including the accelerometer and gyroscope.


With the PicturePicker control, you can prompt the user to choose a picture that is on the device (camera roll or photo library) or to take a new picture.


The iOSScrollableArea is a control that allows you to create a layout that is larger than the size of a view. You now can simply create a ContainerControl as large as you want, add a ScrollableArea control to the view and then set your ContainerControl as its content. This simple control allows you to create powerful UI layouts.


By using the iOSSharingPanel class, you can use the standard iOS sharing panel to send text, URLs and pictures to other apps that are registered with iOS.

To learn more about using Xojo to build iOS apps, visit the Xojo Dev Center and check out the iOS QuickStart.