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Working and Saving with Subversion

Apache Subversion (SVN) is a popular, open source versioning and revision control system. We use it here at Xojo.

You will have times when SVN will update the files on your drive, such as when you update from the server. Xojo does not automatically detect these changes, so most people resort to closing the project file and re-opening it in order to get the new changes displayed in Xojo. In fact, Xojo includes an IDE script to do just that: Examples/Advanced/IDE Scripting/ReloadProject.

There’s another solution. Here’s my tip for what I do to quickly have the IDE load those changes without having to close and re-open the project:

  • Save my changes in Xojo
  • Merge incoming changes from SVN to my local working copy
  • Touch ONE item in the IDE. For example, change one letter in a property and then change it back.
  • Select File->Revert to Saved

Voila! The newly merged code on the disk is loaded into the Xojo IDE. It’s a simple, quick way to work with your Xojo code and SVN.