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Simple Web Development with Xojo

Do you find it frustrating to create web apps? HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and AJAX can be challenging, and frameworks such as Node, React, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET, PHP and Java are often overwhelming for those just beginning web development.

There is a simpler solution: Xojo. Using a single programming language and a single IDE, you can go from zero to a working web app in an amazingly short amount of time with Xojo.

User Interface Layout

We all know how slow and error-prone it is creating the user interface for your web app using code, which is what you have to do with most tools. But with Xojo’s Layout Editor, you just drag controls and position them where you want.

Xojo web apps work on desktop, tablet and mobile browsers. With the Layout Editor, you can design layouts for each type of browser for your app to switch between at ease.

Writing Code

The Xojo programming language and framework are event-based, fully object-oriented and incredibly easy to learn. With the code editor’s helpful auto-complete feature, you’ll be able to write code faster.

Xojo Code Editor

Xojo has the tools to help you code quickly, including a debugger that greatly simplifies tracking down bugs in your code.


Xojo includes many built-in web controls, but it is also expandable. You can add your own JavaScript controls (and frameworks) to your Xojo web apps using the Xojo Web Software Development Kit (SDK).

For example, you can add the Yahoo Rich Text Editor to a Xojo web app as shown below.

camping image

Easy to Deploy

Xojo makes it easy to deploy your web apps. If you have experience configuring and maintaining web servers, you can deploy your Xojo web apps to your own server. If you’re not an expert server administrator, Xojo Cloud provides one-click web app deployment to our secure servers in one easy step!

Learn Quickly

Check out a live demo of our Eddie’s Electronic sample app and take a look at the full source code included in the Xojo download.  Or check out this growing playlist of videos to help you get started building web apps with Xojo.

Learn more about Xojo Web or just go ahead and download Xojo for free. Read the QuickStart, Tutorial, User Guide, and start developing your own web apps. You can develop, run and debug your app all before purchasing a license.