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What it means for your Xojo projects if Mac goes ARM

I’ve speculated for some time now that Apple might decide to start putting their own ARM-based processors in Mac desktop and laptop computers. Apparently, I’m not alone in thinking this. It makes a lot of sense. Apple’s big advantage is being in control of all of the important aspects of their product lines and the processor is both figuratively and physically at the center of their products.

So what if they did? Say next year at WWDC Apple announced that they were planning to move to ARM-based Macs. How would that affect you as a Xojo developer? As it turns out, not much because Xojo abstracts and shields you from those sorts of platform changes. For example, since 2003 our compiler has been a modern, two-pass compiler. The first pass converts Xojo code into a sort of meta-assembly code. The second pass does a nearly straight translation from this meta-assembly code to the machine code for the processor being targeted (x86 for example or ARM for iPhone and Raspberry Pi). Had Apple made this change years ago, it would have required us to spend the time to create a new backend for ARM. However, as you may know, we have been transitioning the backend of our compiler to the open source LLVM compiler, the same one that Apple provides with Xcode. That’s how we support ARM (and 64 bit) today. Should Apple announce they are switching to their own ARM-based processors for future Macs, we could relatively easily recompile the Xojo desktop frameworks for ARM and provide that as a new build option. It would not be a significant amount of work for us and really no work for you at all except recompiling your projects.

This is true for other platforms as well. Incidentally, we have already been through this before. Xojo originally supported both the 68000 and PowerPC processors. When Apple switched to the x86, we switched too and Xojo users had little to do but recompile their projects.

This is part of the value you get from Xojo: be mostly insulated from these kinds of changes.