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Change your DNS settings for a smooth transition to a bigger, better server

Most Xojo Cloud users have already switched to the newer Xojo Cloud servers. These new servers have more RAM and SSDs and are the priced lower or the same as our previous servers. But moving your projects from one server to another is easier said than done. You’ll need to plan carefully to avoid downtime. Here is a simple change you can make to your DNS settings in order to limit downtime, making the move to a better server smoother.

The current A record in your DNS settings points to your existing Xojo Cloud server’s IP address and probably has a TTL (time to live) of 24 hours. At least 24 hours before you plan to move your server data and change the IP address, set the TTL to 5 minutes.┬áDoing this means that you can change the IP address to your new server IP address and most of the DNS servers out there should pick up on the change in around 5 minutes.

After you have made the move to the new server, you should set your TTL back to 24 hours, or whatever it was set to previously. And that’s it!