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2019: The More The Merrier

The coming holiday season means 2019 is nearly at an end. Looking at the numbers, it’s been a great year for Xojo. We gained more new Xojo users this year than last year. More people are using Xojo Cloud than ever before. In fact, in terms of our overall revenue, 2019 is the best year we have had in over 5 years.

More Xojo users means a bigger community. Given the varied demographics of the Xojo community, you’d think that common ground might be difficult to find. And yet from young to old, from hobbyist to citizen developer to professional developer, with users spanning the globe from different cultures, traditions, native languages, genders, orientations and from every continent (yes, we actually have a user in Antarctica), you come together via the support forum, emails, texts, tweets, posts, video chats, webinars and in-person at conferences and meetups to help each other get the most out of Xojo. So many friendships have been created as a result of the Xojo community. Seeing many of those friendships renewed each year at our annual conference is among my favorite things.

You, the members of the Xojo community, continue to help make this possible. And though we might sometimes have differing opinions about exactly how to take Xojo into the future, we know you want Xojo to keep growing and improving just like we do. Thanks to each and every one of you for being a member of the best part of Xojo.