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MVPs: Our Ambassadors to the Community

If you didn’t already know, Xojo selected five members from the community to be our first Most Valued Professionals, you can read about them on the MVP Page. Here are some details about how we chose the MVPs and what the MVPs will be doing for Xojo and the community:

We chose to create the MVP program for 3 reasons:

  1. To recognize the contributions of some members of the community. Our MVPs all have been positive forces in the Xojo community for many years.
  2. To facilitate communication with the Xojo community. The MVPs are there to help us get the word out about things going on at Xojo and also to help the community make sure we are hearing what’s going on with them.
  3. To act as an informal advisory committee. As we develop Xojo, we often appreciate getting feedback in the early stages of a particular change we might be making. That’s manageable with a small group such as the MVPs. We are discussing our product planning with them and are giving them very early access to features in development to get their feedback.

We selected the MVPs by asking each member of the Xojo team to choose five people they felt contributed positively to the community and would be good at communicating both with us and the community. We asked team members not to share their choices with each other to avoid influencing the process. Our five MVPs were the result and they are all excellent choices in my humble opinion.

The MVPs are our objective and impartial ambassadors to the Xojo community. They are there to help the community better understand what’s going on with us and to help us better understand the wants and needs of all Xojo users. In this day and age of instant global communications, anything that promotes open, honest and productive communication is a good thing. We hope that each of you will take advantage of the MVPs by both listening to what they have to say and giving them your thoughts, feelings and feedback.