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API 2.0 Changes to Expect in Xojo 2020r2

As you can see on our roadmap, the next item is API 2.0 for iOS. As we have been working on that, we realized we had misnamed a few APIs in the existing frameworks. Rather than live with those forever, we decided it made sense to change them now. Being consistent across the API surface is extremely important for both learning and productivity. It’s possible (though not probable) we will find a few more before the end of the r2 cycle.

We have removed the word “Row” from various Array methods. For a few controls whose primary value is a string (such as TextField), we changed the property name back to Text.

Your existing code will continue to work because we have not removed the old API names. I realize that for those of you that don’t want to see any deprecation warnings in your code, this will cause some extra effort and I apologize for that. We just want to make sure the API is the best is can be. If you are still using API 1.0, you can continue to do so with 2020r2 when it’s released.