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Xojo MVPs Pointing Xojo in the Right Direction

It’s been too long since we last recognized the enormous amount of valuable assistance that the Xojo MVPs provide to Xojo and the community. We are so grateful to have such an amazing group of dedicated, passionate Xojo experts with so much Xojo knowledge. You may occasionally see MVPs on the forum, but much of their help is behind-the-scenes and some of what they have helped us with just might surprise you.

Firstly, the MVPs work as your advocates, drawing attention to issues that they feel are important to the community. Their passion comes through in all interactions with the Xojo team, from justifiably reminding us of bugs we need to address or features that would be appreciated by many.

Since the MVPs all use Xojo in different ways, this helps to make sure we get a wide variety of feedback. Sometimes we get direct, specific suggestions such as the Set class, which (due to the provided code), we were able to add as a feature to Xojo relatively quickly. Some especially valuable MVP insights regarding stack checking helped us to pinpoint areas where we could make changes to the Xojo framework that resulted in dramatic performance improvements to Xojo itself along with all your projects. MVP tips and testing have also helped us nail down some issues that helped improve debugger stabilization. MVPs have even created a supplemental unit testing suite to help test the Android framework!

Speaking of testing, the MVPs certainly do more than their fair share of testing. They have helped with an enormous amount of testing for many parts of Xojo, most recently including PDF, Barcode, Charts and Android. When they find bugs, MVPs always create thorough, well-explained Issues, usually with sample projects, allowing us to fix things faster for everyone’s benefit. At times MVPs even review your own submitted Issues and may offer suggestions or advice for you to try.

In addition to testing and providing feedback on the product as you see it today, MVPs get to see stuff early, sometimes even before designs or implementations are finalized. This may be in the form of demos or test builds. Their tips, comments and suggestions can help provide direction to how we end up actually implementing a feature or change.

The Xojo documentation is also continuously improved by MVP feedback and suggestions. MVPs were first to see the new documentation site before it was unveiled to everyone and their keen eyes have helped us improve search, sample code and continue to polish things.

From inception to documentation, this group of dedicated Xojo experts has helped us shape Xojo. If you are pleased with what Xojo is today, you should thank a Xojo MVP.

To Anthony, Christian, Gavin, Jeremie, Kem, Martin and Wayne we at Xojo offer a heartfelt “Thank You!” and have made donations on your behalf to several open-source projects that also help make Xojo possible: LLVM Foundation, Bootstrap and Ubuntu.