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Webinar Follow-Up: Using Xojo to Develop NetSuite Android Apps

Last week I was thrilled to present Xojo’s “Using Xojo to Develop NetSuite Android Apps” webinar. This blog post is intended as a follow-up to that webinar. I hope to provide some additional information that we didn’t have time to cover, answer some of the questions that came up during and after the webinar, and also provide a link to the Xojo project that we created during the webinar.

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Monthly Webinars Expand Your Xojo Programming Skills

At Xojo we continually look to improve our skills and we are happy to be offering opportunities for everyone in the Xojo community to upgrade their skills too. At least once a month we are hosting new webinars. Webinars cover a variety of valuable topics, including getting started with Xojo, developing web apps, iOS development tips and the basics of using our newest platform, Android.

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Creating a Number Class

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a Number class that can tell you when its value has been actually set, along with other methods to manage how it is used while demonstrating some common object-oriented techniques and features such as operator overloading. You’ll be able to create a Number from an Integer, Double or String.

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