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Xojo Programming Language: 6 Fascinating Facts

Xojo is similar to VB, Java and C#

The Xojo programming language is fully object-oriented and uses an object model that is quite similar to VB, Java and C#. If you are used those languages at all, you’ll be right at home with Xojo.

Available since 1998, Xojo was one of the first languages to use Automatic Reference Counting (ARC), something that other languages such as Swift and Objective-C now use. Xojo is type-safe and fully object-oriented making it easy to learn and use, but it also has advanced features such as namespaces, extension methods, exception handling, introspection, delegates and more.

You can code on any platform

Xojo itself runs on Windows, OS X and Linux. So you can choose to do your programming on the platform you prefer. And unlike some other languages, you do this using a powerful and friendly IDE, not a text editor.

Xojo is a great learning language

Xojo strives to keep things simple, making it a great first programming language. In fact, there is a free book, Introduction to Programming with Xojo, to help you get started.

In addition to the book, Xojo ships with over 300 example projects, plus there are tutorials, videos and thousands of pages of documentation at the Xojo Dev Center.

Xojo is updated regularly

Xojo is generally updated quarterly with a variety of new features and bug fixes. Since 2014, major new features include iOS apps, Raspberry Pi apps64-bit apps and HiDPI (retina) support.

Lots of open-source projects

Xojo is free to use and in addition to the over 300 example projects included with it, Xojo developers have created many open-source projects that you can use with your own Xojo projects to add features or to learn from. Check out this list of open-source projects and others on GitHub.

Xojo makes All The Things

The bottom line is that as a cross-platform and multi-plaform programming tool, Xojo makes All the Things.


Xojo can make desktop and console apps for Windows, OS X and Linux. Xojo can make desktop and console apps for Raspberry Pi that interface with the GPIO port. Xojo makes web apps. Xojo makes iOS apps. All Xojo apps are native, compiled apps that use standard OS controls.

Try Xojo today for free to see how easy it is to make your own apps!