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Community Action: Share Your Xojo Tips on Medium

Xojo is a popular way to create cross-platform apps for Windows, OS X, Linux, Raspberry Pi, web and iOS. I’m not surprised because Xojo makes creating software fast and fun! Xojo really is the best way to create cross-platform software.

But I don’€™t say Xojo is the best way to create cross-platform software because I work here. I work here because Xojo is the best way to create cross-platform software. As a Xojo user for more than 10 years before joining the Xojo team, I really appreciate how easily it lets me make apps.

I know many of you reading this blog agree. After all, we have the best customers in the world, which anyone can see by visiting our wonderful forum.

But not everyone is using Xojo yet. So what can we as a community do to help other software developers realize that Xojo can help them create their apps faster and easier? One great way is for you to write blog posts about how you use Xojo. Nearly everyone is an expert on something that another person wants to learn about! I realize not everyone has their own blog, but these days that doesn’t have to stop you. There are lots of great, free ways to write your own blog posts, such as or Medium.

I’ve used Medium a bit and I really like it. Writing with it is super-easy. The editor gets out of your way, making it easy for you to write, unlike some other blogging systems I’ve used. The most useful tip for writing programming-related posts is to use Opt+Cmd+6 (Mac) or Ctrl+Alt+6 (Windows) to format a code snippet. You can read other tips and tricks for writing with Medium here: Tips and Tricks for Medium Writers.

When you Publish your post, just type “Xojo” as a tag to make it easy for people to find what you’ve written and for us to promote it. Here is the link to posts tagged for Xojo on Medium:

I encourage the talented, good-looking men and women of the Xojo community to take a moment and share a blog post about how Xojo helps you make apps.

You can find my posts on Medium here:

You can read more about how Xojo can help software developers in the post below:

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