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Xojo IDE Script Menu Shortcuts

In the Xojo IDE Scripts Menu there are some new shortcuts you may find helpful.

The items in the IDE Scripts menu under File > IDE Scripts now have shortcuts assigned for the first nine items (these are the scripts that you add to the Scripts folder). On OS X the shortcuts are Cmd + Option + digit and on Windows and Linux they are Ctrl + Alt + digit.

And for those scripts that do not get shortcuts assigned, selecting them from the menu will run them.

On OS X, if you hold down the Ctrl key + the above shortcut, then the script will be opened in the editor instead of run. On Windows and Linux holding the Shift key in addition to the above shortcut will accomplish this. These modifiers also works if you select the item from the menu. Hold the Ctrl key on OS X or Shift key on Windows and Linux the item will be opened in the editor instead of run.

Read more about IDE Scripting in the User Guide.

Happy IDE Scripting!