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You don’t have to renew, but you probably should…

Do you recall when your most indispensable app was last updated?

Well, do you?
Well, do you?

I consider it an essential part of what Xojo has to offer that you can continue to compile your Xojo apps after your license expires. People new to Xojo are often surprised when I tell them you are never required to renew your Xojo license and you can continue to build apps with any Xojo release dated before your Xojo license expires, indefinitely. So, no, you are never required to renew your Xojo license but that doesn’t mean you never ever should!

In all the years I’ve been leading Xojo’s Customer Support team I’ve lost count of the number of people who are desperate to update a long-neglected but totally essential app that “suddenly” stopped working on a new OS or after some other update. Just this week, I was contacted by someone who needs to update an app they last compiled in 2006. The app is indispensable to their job and won’t run on their new OS. And though I can help you find your decade old license key in your Legacy License page, and I can get you access to previous releases at our Archived Release page, and I can point out what has changed in Xojo at our Deprecations page, I can’t guarantee a Xojo release from 2006 is going to run on this year’s OS

Keeping your projects current is always a good idea – for your projects and for Xojo. After all, your renewals help us keep Xojo moving forward and the underlying Xojo Framework improves in reliability with each release. As operating systems and the machines they run on update, your projects will also need to keep up – if not just in features, definitely in regard to security.

I hope you consider using Xojo’s auto-renew feature or renewing your license in the near future (auto-renew will give you an automatic 10% discount). And if annual renewals isn’t for you, that’s no problem. A small bit of maintenance once a year – or every other year – is much easier than a huge overhaul of a project that has not been updated in several years.

Do yourself a favor and keep Xojo and your code (at least somewhat) up to date. Have a question about Xojo licenses? Email me anytime at