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FileMaker Developers Enhance & Expand App Development With Xojo

If the deprecations and changes to the FileMaker platform have you searching for alternatives, Xojo is a solid place to start. FileMaker developers use Xojo for a variety of reasons, including lower cost, more powerful apps and native iOS apps.

Xojo is a powerful, full-featured development tool and as far as professional development tools go, Xojo is amazingly easy to use. For people with programming experience or those that want to learn, Xojo is a great choice for creating powerful apps to meet any business need – from cross-platform desktop apps, web apps, mobile and iOT apps.

Free, On-Demad Webinars

First, we did a couple webinars with FileMaker experts. The first webinar shows you how to create a Xojo iOS app that communicates with a FileMaker database:

To learn what FileMaker developers were concerned about and how Xojo could help, we did a Question & Answer webinar with FileMaker developers considering Xojo:

Aloe is a new open source module that enhances Xojo’s Web framework. With Aloe, you can develop powerful, secure, and scalable websites, apps, and APIs. This demo shows you how to use Aloe and Xojo to quickly and easily create a website whose content is dynamically generated using data that’s stored in FileMaker databases:


In conjunction with this, we released to GitHub a project called Xojo.FM which maps many commonly used FileMaker functions to make using Xojo a bit more familiar to you:

Tim Dietrich, an experienced FileMaker and Xojo developer, introduces FMLuna and the opportunities that it presents to both Xojo and FileMaker developers. See some of FMLuna’s features in action as Tim builds a basic FileMaker API:

After you have checked out all those resources and you’re ready to begin development, visit the Migrating from FileMaker page in the Xojo Dev Center for tips on how to best migrate your FileMaker apps. You’ll quickly see how simple it can be to jump from FileMaker to Xojo, grow you client base and open up new opportunities in the mobile market.

Xojo is free for development and testing and has a 90-day return policy. Give it a try to see how you can start making better, more powerful apps.