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The 64-bit Xojo IDE

Back in 1998 when we shipped version 1 of what is now Xojo, it was a 32-bit application and has been ever since. Depending on the operating system, that meant the Xojo IDE itself had at most 4GB of RAM available to it. That would seem like more than enough for any project. However, we have some users that haveĀ really big projects. One project I know of has over 1500 project items!

For users with large projects (and the Xojo IDE itself is a very large project as well), even 4GB of RAM isn’t enough. For these users, Xojo sometimes runs out of memory. That’s why I’m pleased to announce that today we are shipping a Beta of Xojo 2017 r3 as a 64-bit application. Xojo has provided the ability to build 64-bit applications since earlier this year but now the Xojo IDE itself is a 64-bit application which is a first after 19 years of being 32-bit.

Starting with 2017r3 the Xojo IDE will be able to use all the memory you could possibly have in your computer which means out of memory problems are now going to be a thing of the past. Modernizing Xojo, as we do year after year, keeps it in good shape so that you can depend on it for the foreseeable future.

For those of you have that been Xojo users for many, many years (and there are many of you that were here from the beginning), I thank you for your continued support.