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What is Xojo Pro Plus…and what it is not

Recently we changed the name of Xojo Enterprise to Xojo Pro Plus. This brought about a lot of questions. For users whose businesses rely on Xojo, upgrading to Xojo Pro Plus can be very beneficial. For everyone else in the community, this change doesn’t effect you or your Xojo license.

We offer a range of license types as well as ways for users to get additional help from us. But our help comes at an opportunity cost for us because if we are helping someone with their issue, we aren’t helping others at that time. Xojo Pro users get higher priority support than Xojo Desktop users, who get higher priority support than Xojo Lite users, who get higher priority support than those using Xojo for free. Xojo Pro Plus users get the highest priority support of all.

Here is what Xojo Pro Plus is, what it isn’t and what that means for you.

Xojo Pro Plus includes:

Top Priority Support
We understand that some Xojo users need support issues resolved ASAP. With Xojo Pro Plus, you’ll get support questions answered first and Feedback reports will be verified first.

Fast Fixes
We make it a priority to help you resolve your issues. That may mean helping you track down an issue in your code, getting a bug you’ve discovered fixed more quickly and/or helping you find a workaround when you need one.

2X Activations
We recognize that some users have several devices or virtual machines they use for testing and as a result, Xojo Pro Plus users can activate their licenses on up to 6 machines.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do we guarantee a fix in a certain amount of time?
Not all issues are equal, some take more time, some less, some depend on outside factors, etc. While we do give priority to Pro Plus customers, we simply cannot guarantee how quickly an issue will be resolved. This will be evaluated on a case by case basis. But we will work with you and will stay in communication with you to circumvent issues you encounter with workarounds if we cannot fix it quickly enough.

How will Xojo know when I have reported a case in Feedback?
Our system notifies the Xojo team when Xojo Pro Plus users report an issue in Feedback. If the issue is critical, take the extra step to report the issue you have filed in Feedback to Xojo support immediately.

Do I get more Feedback points with Xojo Pro Plus?
No. As mentioned above, our system notifies the Xojo team when Xojo Pro Plus users report an issue in Feedback. Xojo Pro Plus is a level of support beyond Feedback points.

Does this mean other users are going to experience changes to support response time?
Absolutely not. We have always offered different levels of support. Nothing has changed with the level of support offered for any Xojo license.

Who is Xojo Pro Plus right for?
We have users that depend on Xojo for their living. We created Xojo Pro Plus for them. We will spend more time with Pro Plus users to resolve their issues more quickly.

If Xojo Pro Plus sounds like it might be right for you, you can buy now, upgrade from your current license or contact us with questions!