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#1 on the Xojo Roadmap: Android

We’re hard at work on Xojo’s upcoming Android support — it is our top priority. As we’ve discussed previously, you can see in the current versions of Xojo that the latest iOS controls now start with “Mobile” in their name. Although Android and iOS will start off as different project types, implementing the “Mobile” prefix is an important step to complete so you will see similar controls when Android support is available.

We continue to make progress on all aspects of Android support which includes:

  • Code generation work to make sure your Xojo code performs as you expect with the Android virtual machine
  • Controls with names, properties, and events that match iOS as closely as possible
  • The debugging experience
  • Removing external dependencies where possible, so you hit the ground running

Right now we have many of the UI controls working, much of the Xojo language and more than 30 example projects to help with testing. As you may already know, we are creating native Android apps using native Android controls and targeting Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21) and higher.

To give you a feel for this, here is a look at the Android version our Eddie’s Electronics sample project.

This should all look pretty familiar, especially if you’ve worked with iOS projects. And speaking of familiar, this is what some of the code looks like:

We even have the ability to run this project in both the Android Emulator and on a physical Android device. Here is Eddie’s Electronics running on the Android Emulator (Pixel 4 emulation):

As you can see, there is still more to do, but many things have been completed. We look forward to beginning the testing phase once we feel like testers can have a good experience with the items noted above. We cannot commit to timelines, but we are thrilled with the incredible interest we’ve seen! Rest assured that we are as excited as you to have Android support in Xojo and are working hard to deliver it.