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Improving Feedback

As I hope you know by now, we are constantly working to improve our processes. Being more efficient means we spend more time on making Xojo better for you. Feedback, our bug and feature tracking system, is a place where we spend a lot of time interacting with you and thus it’s something we very much want to improve. We have three improvements in mind. One will be made today and the other two will come sometime next year.

  1. Web-based Feedback: We have been developing a web-based version of Feedback for some time now. It’s been delayed mostly due to other priorities taking precedence. Nevertheless progress on it continues. We expect it to be available this coming year.
  2. Because several case statuses are misunderstood, we are simplifying them. The bottom line is that a case is open until it’s not. Changes in status don’t really mean anything as a case could get resolved the day it was submitted or get stalled for months because we can’t reproduce it. Thus new cases will have the status of Open until we need more information from you (in rare cases) or they are closed. The closed statuses (fixed, implemented, etc.) will remain as they were before.
  3. Sometimes cases stagnate with little progress. In the case of bugs, this is often because we can’t reproduce them or we don’t have the information we need. These cases impede all of our efforts to search Feedback. Sometime next year we intend to update the system such that when a case has had no activity in two years, the system will automatically change the status of the case to Archived. If you find an Archived case that is still important to you, please request that we reopen it.

We believe these changes will improve our communication with you about feature requests and bug reports. I know that change can be frustrating. Just know that the reasoning is always to improve. If a change doesn’t ultimately accomplish that, or if we find a better solution, we will consider implementing it. To all of you that use Feedback, we greatly appreciate your efforts. You are helping to contribute to making Xojo better for the entire community.