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Xojo and NetSuite

Earlier this month Xojo user and NetSuite developer Tim Dietrich and I did a webinar about using Xojo with NetSuite. If you’ve never heard of NetSuite, it’s a Software-As-A-Service ERP app provided by Oracle that provides business management functions such as tracking leads, customers, vendors and a whole lot more. It’s quite customizable as well both directly through the browser and also via an API which Tim demonstrated.

Tim has found that many NetSuite users want to create custom applications that interact with their data in NetSuite and Xojo is truly ideal for this. Some NetSuite users contract this work out to developers like Tim while others are interested in creating apps themselves. During the webinar, Tim and I demonstrated Xojo to NetSuite users while also demonstrating NetSuite to Xojo users who may be interested in incorporating it into their organizations or providing development services to NetSuite users.

Tim is quite familiar with the NetSuite API and created an easy to use, free and open source Xojo class that does the heavy lifting on things like authentication, so that you can focus on sending data back and forth. Check out the video of the webinar and Tim’s blog post about it for more details.

Geoff is the Founder and CEO of Xojo, Inc. He started what became Xojo in 1996 and he has been working to improve it ever since. When he’s not steering the ship at Xojo, he’s keeping the beat for the band he formed in high school and learning Korean.