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Tip: Importing Modules Exported as Xojo Code

Importing Modules previously exported as Xojo Code format (text) was not that useful prior to Xojo 2022r3: it only imported the declared constants for the module. That was all – no classes, methods, properties or any of other stuff that is supported by Modules, not even other nested Modules!

Starting with Xojo 2022r3, when importing a Module it will carry all the related stuff hanging from the root Module, that includes everything you could expect from that operation. When importing that item in the project it will not be done as an external item, but added to the project.

Importing a Module with Xojo 2022r2
Importing a Module with Xojo 2022r3.1

As you can see in the animations above, there is a significant improvement between importing modules using Xojo 2022r3 and later! Check it out yourself.

Javier Menendez is an engineer at Xojo and has been using Xojo since 1998. He lives in Castellón, Spain and hosts regular Xojo hangouts en español. Ask Javier questions on Twitter at @XojoES or on the Xojo Forum.