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A Meetup of Xojo Developers in London

The Xojo Community is one of a kind. It’s so wonderful that we live in an age where we can connect, build relationships and collaborate online from anywhere in the world, but there truly is no exact replacement for in person communication. That’s why, whenever possible, I host meetups of Xojo developers when I travel to Europe. The entire Xojo Team is always so inspired by the ingenuity and creativity you put into what you make with Xojo. Learning all of the different ways people use our products helps us better anticipate and react to your needs and we are honored to be a part of your development process.

Last week while traveling in London I hosted a Xojo meetup. This was a social event where local developers could meet, share ideas, ask questions and get to know each other. Many of us who attended the Xojo Developer Retreat in Nashville were excited we got to see each other twice in such a short timeframe.

Though a small gathering, which was slightly affected by the possibility of train strikes, it was refreshing to get the opportunity to chat with everyone there. Most people were attending locally, but Xojo Engineer Javier Menéndez flew over from Valencia, Spain and MVP Jérémie Leroy attended from Paris, France. We got a lot of great feedback, the most popular being that there is a lot of enthusiasm to finally host a London Xojo Developer Conference. All I can say at this time is… we hope to! I had a great time getting to know everyone and hope to do another meetup again soon somewhere in the world!