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Spotlight On: GraffitiSuite

Spotlight On posts focus on Xojo community members. We’ll use this space to tell the stories of people using Xojo, share amazing Xojo-made apps and spread awareness of community resources. If you have an app, a project or a person you want to see featured in Spotlight On, tell us about it!

GraffitiSuite is a series of user interface components for Xojo developers. With a powerful data grid component for web, an extensive WYSIWYG HTML content editor, and beautiful animated in-window modal popups for Desktop, GraffitiSuite classes have helped people make stunning UIs for their Xojo-made apps since 2003. Anthony Cyphers, GraffitiSuite’s founder, is a well-known name in the Xojo community and a Xojo MVP; and he volunteered to be our first Spotlight On guest. GraffitiSuite is offering 10% off this month only! Use coupon code SPOTGS10 in June go get 10% off GraffitiSuite.

10 Questions with Anthony Cyphers of GraffitiSuite

Mac, Windows or Linux?

Mac, primarily, but I’m comfortable pretty much anywhere since I tend to have a set OS for specific things. macOS for work, Windows for play, Linux for servers. I keep multiple machines for each hanging around here.

What do you wish more people would ask you about when it comes to GraffitiSuite?

I wish people would show me their project and ask how GraffitiSuite can help them more.

How would you explain your most recent project to a 5 year old?

I make pretty things that help people use computers.

What’s next on your Learn Next list?

I’ve been deep in TypeScript for the last six months — and enjoying it — expanding from my JavaScript skills. The plan is to continue that journey and use it to augment Xojo Web as much as I can. This means rewriting some Xojo Web components with more modern, useable, performant and attractive controls.

When do you think of solutions for big bugs?

Usually when I’m trying (and failing) to sleep or when watching something on TV that I’m really not paying any attention to.

What programming moments made you think “Wow, I love my job so much.”

That feeling of triumph when you spend an inordinate amount of time working on an idea without doing any actual testing, then you hit “Run” and it just works. As though the stars aligned in that moment to say “Yeah, you can have this one, but the next one will be harder” — and it usually is.

What’s something that has surprised you about coding in the last 10 years?

Meh. Not much.

What’s a cool piece of software more people should know about?

The obvious answer would be Xojo, but I’m also very impressed with a lot of software that I use. And, in keeping with the Xojo theme:

What’s the coolest thing you worked on recently?

I’d have to say it’s my web application firewall (WAF) for Xojo Web called GraffitiFirewall. I spent some time reading white papers, tutorials, specs, and just playing with other implementations. I’m really happy with how it’s turned out and excited to add more features over time that may help protect Xojo users’ web apps. I work on a lot in a given week, both new and old stuff, but this one feels right.

Music or no music while coding?

Doesn’t matter. It’s all background noise. I often stream an old TV show like The X-Files, Law & Order, The Big Bang Theory, or Adventures of the Gummi Bears.

Thank you to Anthony Cyphers for answering our questions and for being a rock in the Xojo community. If you want to learn more about what GraffitiSuite can do for you, visit And take 10% off in June with coupon code SPOTGS10.

Anthony G. Cyphers is the Lead Developer and Sole Proprietor of GraffitiSuite Solutions, and has been providing custom Xojo components and contract development since 2003 and is a Xojo MVP.