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What’s Next: Xojo Licensing

Now that you have tried Xojo, you’re probably thinking of creating stand-alone apps. Maybe you are considering selling your app or maybe you just want to share your app with some friends.

So now you are ready to build and deploy your apps, and to do that you need a Xojo license. No problem, Xojo has a straightforward licensing scheme.

Xojo Pro

A single license for Desktop, Web, Mobile, Raspberry Pi and Console and includes priority support, beta program access, consulting leads, and a license you can activate on 3 machines simultaneously for $699.

Everything in Xojo Pro, plus top priority support, fast fixes and a total of 6 license activations for $1999.

Xojo Desktop
Allows you to develop and build apps for OS X, Windows and Linux and includes full database support for $299.

Xojo Web
Build web applications that can run on Linux, Windows or macOS servers and support all the popular browsers for $299.

Xojo Mobile

Build native apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) for $299. Android support coming soon!
Develop apps for desktop and console apps for single board computers like Raspberry Pi. Get a free activation code now :)You can buy your new Xojo license at our Store page. Or you can extend a current license from your account page.

All Xojo licenses let you develop and build your apps with the current release as well as give you access to all updates and releases for the next year. After a year, you can extend your license if you want to build with newer releases or you can continue building indefinitely with the release you have.  Your apps continue to be yours to sell or share as you please. Xojo does not limit the amount of apps you can build, distribute or sell in any way. No royalties are due to Xojo for the apps you create.

*Xojo license pricing is subject to change, please check the Xojo Store for current pricing. Last updated 04.09.2019