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Build All The Things

As you may have heard, Xojo 2015 Release 3 added the long-awaited ability to create 64-bit apps. And it also added the ability to create Raspberry Pi 2 apps (Linux ARM). This now means there are lots more apps that can get built.

For the short-term you may be finding that you need (or want) to build for all the target platforms to test your apps. But in can be tedious to repeatedly change the Architecture setting for each app target and then press Build.

build all the things

But never fear, I’m here to help! Instead of doing this manually, use an IDE Script. This IDE Script will build for all the targets in one easy step:

 // Build all target platforms
 Const kOSX32 = 7
 Const kOSX64 = 16
 Const kWin32 = 3
 Const kWin64 = 19
 Const kLin32 = 4
 Const kLin64 = 17
 Const kLinARM = 18

 Dim path As String
 path = BuildApp(kOSX32)
 path = BuildApp(kOSX64)
 path = BuildApp(kWin32)
 path = BuildApp(kWin64)
 path = BuildApp(kLin32)
 path = BuildApp(kLin64)
 path = BuildApp(kLinARM)

 Dim result As String
 result = ShowDialog("Build All", _
 "Finished building.", _
 "OK", "", "", -1)

You can save this script to a file (with the name BuildAll.xojo_script) extension into the Scripts folder that is in your Xojo installation folder. Then you can go to File -> IDE Scripts ->Build All to run the script. This will build all seven targets for you in one step.

Note: Windows and Linux are not yet able to build 64-bit OS X apps, so you will want to comment out that line from the script if you are using Windows or Linux.

This script is included with Xojo 2015 Release 3 in the Examples folder:

Examples/Advanced/IDE Scripting/BuildAllDesktop

64bit desktop apps Xojo Mac Windows Linux