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#JustCode Challenge Week 3 – Dogs Up!

After 2 desktop apps in week 1 and week 2 of the Just Code challenge, my project this week is an iOS app. Its very important job is to display dog pictures. I call it Dogs Up!

If you were at XDC 2018 maybe you caught my iOS session where I showed how to send an update to the App Store. The app I updated was Cats Up!, a simple iOS app that display cat pictures. Dogs Up! is the dog version and it uses the Dog API.

To make this app, I made a copy of the Cats Up! project and then started changing the parts necessary to hook it up to the Dog API. Changing existing projects is a great way to learn and one of the reasons we are doing the Just Code Challenge.

The Cats Up! project used a single HTTPSocket to connect to its web service for the cat pictures. The Dog API required two HTTPSockets: one to request a URL to a dog picture and another to download the picture itself.

Once these steps were done, I just needed to update the JSON file with dog facts (instead of cat facts), find something to use for the dog icon and get a recording of a dog bark to use when a new picture is displayed.

Download the Dogs Up! project.

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