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Jump Right In! Just Code Challenge

I’m often asked by kids and adults how they can start coding and learn to make apps? You could start with the usual books or videos.

But maybe you want to jump right in. When I started programming that is exactly how I learned. I tried things to see what worked and what didn’t work. I also looked at and modified other programs I found.

You can learn to code if you just code.

So let’s kick off this summer’s Just Code challenge. The idea is that you try to make one app a week throughout the next 14 weeks of the summer. These apps don’t need to do anything fancy, although they should do something. Any type of Xojo-made app counts — desktop, iOS or web. No need to compile, you are only required to submit your project to complete the challenge.

This contest is a great way to show people new to coding what it takes to make an app, and to show how much fun coding is. Even if you already know how to code, you’ll find that this contest is a great way to bring some fun back to coding kinda like Gavin Smith did just last week in his personal 14 day iOS app challenge.

The Just Code challenge starts today, June 18 and ends Friday, September 21. Submit a project on at least 10 out of 14 Fridays to complete the Just Code challenge! Complete the challenge and you’ll get one of our super soft, new Xojo shirts (while supplies last) and you’ll be entered to win a Xojo Pro license plus $100! UPDATE: Because of growing interest, we’ll also be giving away a limited number of Xojo Lite licenses!

I’ve started a forum conversation called Just Code challenge. Go there for ideas, to ask questions and post your projects on Fridays. Of course, I’ll be doing the Just Code challenge too. Each week I will post my project to start the Friday forum thread.

Each Friday add your new project to the forum thread I started with that week’s app. Share a description of your project, a screenshot and a download link. Talk about your app and how much fun it is to #JustCode!

So what are you waiting for? Go on, just code.

Check out this forum post for a list of 100+ projects submitted by Xojo customers:

Just Code Challenge Submissions

And find out the winners here:

Just Code Challenge Winners