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#JustCode Challenge Week 9 – Quote Web Service

We’re wrapping up week 9 of #JustCode with a web app that demonstrates a web service, JSON and SQLite. The web app functions as both an app with a UI and a web service. It lets you enter your own quotes which are saved in a SQLite database. The web service randomly fetches a quote and returns it as JSON.

The SQLite database has just a single table called Quote with this structure:

QuoteText TEXT,
QuoteSource TEXT, 

To randomly fetch a single quote from the table, this SQL is used:

SELECT QuoteText, QuoteSource FROM Quote ORDER BY RANDOM() LIMIT 1;

As companion apps, I’ve also included simple desktop and iOS apps that call the web service to display a quote.

The raw JSON that is returned looks like this:

{"QuoteText":"Simple things should be simple. Complex things should be possible.","QuoteSource":"Alan Kay"}

I’ve published a version of this on Xojo Cloud. Access the app.

Access the web service here.

You can download the projects or check it all out on GitLab.

Add your #JustCode project to the week 9 forum conversation.

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