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#JustCode Challenge Week 6 – Bubble Popper

For this week’s app, I created a simple iOS app where you tap on “bubbles” to pop them. This was actually suggested to me by Dana Brown some time ago as something that would make a great diversion for her son. I have found it helpful with some of my younger nieces and nephews.

This iOS app demonstrates the use of a Canvas and the detection of taps. When all the bubbles have been popped, more are added. It never ends!

Download the project or check it out on GitLab.

Enhancements idea include:

  • Add more bubble colors.
  • Keep track of how many bubbles are popped.
  • Handle screen rotations so that bubbles that are off screen get repositioned.
  • Take advantage of multi-touch to allow multiple bubbles to be popped at once.

Add your project to the week 6 forum conversation.

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