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Listen up! A List of Podcasts from the Xojo Dev Team

Whether you are looking to learn something new or perhaps just looking for some inspiration, podcasts can be a great investment of your time.

Check the points in bold under each podcast to see what its focus is.

Syntax – Tasty Web Development Treats

Web Dev * Tips & Tricks

Syntax is a fun — and sometimes funny — podcast for web developers hosted by Wes Bos and Scott Tolinkski, two independent full stack developers who create online training courses. In each episode Scott and Wes break down topics to provide applicable tips and nuggets of information to help Web Developers in their careers.

Under the Radar

Indie App Development * Marketing * Design

From development and design to marketing and support, Under the Radar is all about independent app development. It’s never longer than 30 minutes and is hosted by David Smith and Macro Arment.

Learn to Code With Me

Learning * Citizen Developers * Newbies * General Coding

The Learn to Code With Me podcast, created by Laurence Bradford, is for aspiring techies and self-taught coders looking to transition into the tech industry.


Newbie * Dev Stories * Citizen Developers

Stories from people on their coding journey. New episodes featuring stories from CTOs to indie developers, published every Monday.

Coding Blocks – Patterns, Architecture, Best Practices, Tips

Tips & Tricks * General Coding 

A podcast for software developers and computer programmers to educate on-the-go. It’s presented by Allen Underwood, Joe Zach and Michael Outlaw, professional programmers who were frustrated by the lack of quality programming podcasts.

Core Intuition

Indie App Development * Apple

A podcast about indie software development for the Mac, iOS and other Apple technologies hosted by Daniel Jalkut and Manton Reece.

XojoTalk Podcast

App Development * Dev Stories * Citizen Developers * Newbies

Paul Lefebvre talks with members of the Xojo community about how they use Xojo, technology in general and so much more.

What are your favorite tech-related podcasts?