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Passport to XDC

We’re sure you have April 21-23, 2021 October 13-15, 2021 marked in your calendar for the first Xojo Developer Conference in London! With registrations nearly at 50% capacity, we can tell that a lot of you are as excited as we are! Of course, for many of us, it’s hard to imagine that the state of the world will be such that we can travel internationally in just 8 months time. As I have mentioned in several of the Xojo Hangouts recently, I am very hopeful that things will get better soon and that we can gather safely to have an amazing conference. But anything is possible at this point. We are watching the situation closely and, as we have already stated, if it turns out not to be safe for us to do the conference, we will refund any registrations.

Let’s move forward with the idea that anything can happen and we’ll plan for the best – so go get your passport now and check the expiration date! If you need to renew so you can travel to London uninterrupted, I suggest you start the process now. The US Passport office is 1.2 million applications behind and processing times are months longer than expected. I experienced this personally when I had to renew my kids passports earlier this year – their applications were sent in late January with standard 6-8 weeks processing time. The passports didn’t show up until June (unfortunately our vacation was cancelled anyways).

Hope to see you all in London!