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Yes, We Still Support Your Web 1.0 Projects

There has been some confusion about what, if any, support Xojo will be providing for users with Web 1.0 projects. First, technical support for Web 1.0 continues to be available for any user with an active license.

Some users have expressed concern as to what might happen should there be an update to the OS or a web browser causes their app to fail. Since the original web framework was introduced in 2010, this has occurred only once (due to a change in Safari in iOS 6 back in 2014). In general these types of changes are extremely rare because they would not only break Xojo web apps but nearly all other web apps created in other languages.

Having said that, should you discover that your app is failing in some way due to an OS or web browser update, please contact us and we will do what we can do resolve the issue.

While we know that the Web 2.0 framework provides a far better solution for building web applications in Xojo, we recognize that each of you needs to schedule the conversion of your project for a time that is convenient for you and your organization. Rest assured that we will provide technical support for your Web 1.0 projects in the meantime.

Update October 25, 2022 – It should be noted the above post is about existing builds of Web 1.0 apps being forward compatible for the foreseeable future. That has proven true since it was written. However, as always, we should be clear that future versions of operating systems may break compatibility with older versions of Xojo.

If you have a critical Web 1.0 app that you still make changes to with older versions of Xojo, we recommend staying on a version of your operating system that you know is compatible. Our overall recommendation still remains to upgrade to the current version of Xojo and the Web framework as soon as it is practical.