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Xojo Educational Licenses for Teachers

Xojo is the the best kept secret of developers around the world and now we’re making it easier for teachers with the free Xojo Educational license. Xojo is an integrated development environment (IDE) and an object-oriented programming language and it makes an excellent introduction to programming. We’re offering this license to empower educators of all kinds, whether they teach in a traditional classrooms, adult education programs or clubs. Teach universal programming concepts that apply to Xojo and nearly all programming languages. Reach out to request your free Xojo Educational license today!

Xojo is free to download and free for development and learning, for everyone. Teachers and students can download Xojo to as many computers as they want. Teachers can activate their license on 3 computers in order to build apps, while students can use the free Xojo IDE to develop, run and debug their projects. Whether you teach on Windows, Mac or Linux, the Xojo IDE is cross-platform so you can code on your platform of choice, and so can your students. If you are teaching Desktop development, your students can stretch their skills and use Xojo to learn to make Web, Mobile or Raspberry Pi apps. Xojo is all about making developing for different platforms and devices easier with one cross-platform, object-oriented language, in fact, that’s how Xojo got its name.

A Xojo Educational license makes apps for all supported platforms (Desktop, Web, Mobile, Console & RPi, Android in development). Students can create native user interfaces quickly and intuitively with drag and drop from Xojo’s library of built-in controls. Xojo includes modern support for inheritance, interfaces, polymorphism, graphics, internet protocols and more. Xojo comes bundled with SQLite and works with databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. Free technical support via email is included with the Educational license and access to the Xojo Forum is free for everyone. Apps compiled with Xojo are native, stand-alone and yours forever.

The More You Know

  • Xojo documentation, example projects, tutorials, YouTube channel and Intro to Xojo Programming Textbook and Teacher’s Guide are all free.
  • Video: Success With Xojo In Improving Student Retention In Intro to Programming Classes, Dr Ed Lindoo, Regis University
  • Xojo Pi for building Raspberry Pi apps (Linux 32-bit ARM apps) is free.
  • Students can get Xojo and tons of other free programming tools in the GitHub Student Developer Pack.
  • Xojo is celebrating 25 years as a development tool and programming language in 2021!
  • Still not sure Xojo is right for your classroom? Email me directly with any questions at