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All You Need is Xojo Pro

Whether you are new to Xojo or looking to upgrade your existing licenses, Xojo Pro is the best way to take advantage of everything Xojo has to offer.

Xojo Pro includes support for every platform:

  • Desktop – Cross-compile for Windows, macOS X & Linux.
  • Web – Deploy web apps as standalone apps or to Xojo Cloud.
  • Mobile – Make apps for iPhone and iPads (iOS) and Android.
  • Pi – Make apps for Raspberry Pi and other single-board computers.
  • Console – Make apps with no graphical user interface that run from the terminal, command line or as background processes.

In addition, Xojo Pro developers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Technical Email & Phone Support
  • Access to Xojo pre-releases
  • License activation on 3 machines
  • First access to Consulting Leads

Xojo Pro is $799 and a new license includes build access to new Xojo releases for 12 months. Your Xojo license is perpetual, but access to building apps with new Xojo releases is limited. After 12 months you can renew your access to build apps with new releases or continue building apps with the older releases, indefinitely. You are never required to renew and can do so anytime to access new features and supported platforms. Your apps built with Xojo are yours forever.

Already have a Xojo license? Upgrading it to Xojo Pro will earn you a discount. We’ve made it easy to Upgrade to Xojo Pro, just log in to your account, go to your licenses page and select the license(s) you wish to upgrade. The more licenses you select, the greater your discount. After you have selected the licenses to upgrade, choose “Upgrade to Xojo Pro” to see your personal upgrade discount in the store.

Questions about Xojo Pro or upgrading your existing Xojo licenses to Xojo Pro? Email me anytime at

Think you need more? Look into Xojo Pro Plus, developed for businesses that depend on Xojo.