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New Xojo Documentation Site

We are always looking for ways to help you be more successful using Xojo and the documentation is a critical component to your success. With that in mind, we have been working on updating Xojo’s documentation for a while now. This Xojo Documentation uses a completely new engine, offers improved searching and more to help you, and us, use it more effectively.

With this Xojo Documentation site you’ll find:

  • A single help window that includes all pages of the documentation rather than just the Language Reference
  • A table of contents is always available on every page, making it easy to navigate
  • Class pages have been redesigned to have a top-down view (basic information at the top and more detailed information below), making them easier to use and review
  • Dark mode support
  • Pages that automatically adjust to smaller screens
  • Starting with Xojo 2022r1, documentation for each version of Xojo will be available online
  • Documentation that is far easier for Xojo to maintain because it’s designed to be used with version control

In Xojo, this documentation system will be online by default, that means that when you access the documentation from within Xojo, rather than using local files, it will access the online Documentation site. Because of this, new content and fixed issues will be immediately available to you in Xojo and on the Documentation site. As always, each Xojo release will come with a complete set of built-in Documentation to be used when Internet access is slow or unavailable.

This Documentation site is currently available for preview. We are still fixing bugs and it is currently scheduled for release in Xojo 2022r1.