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Bug Bash Results

Our Engineering team primarily focused on a Bug Bash during the month of August with the goal of addressing issues that did not meet our typical criteria. Unlike previous Bug Bashes, we invited users to nominate up to ten cases they would like to see addressed. During the month 100 issues were fixed! Of those – 50% were created in the past 90 days, and 10% were created more than one year ago.

In addition to the 100 fixed issues, many more issues were reviewed and closed for other reasons. For example, issues were closed because they were caused by errors in the user’s code, they were a problem in the OS, or they were duplicates of another issue, etc.

If an issue you nominated was not fixed, it will still be evaluated at some point. Over the next week the Bug Bash label will be removed from cases and we will be adding a 👍 to them so we can keep track of what issues are important to you. Going forward please use the 👍 to let us know what issues affect you.

We will be talking more about our long term plan for addressing bugs at the Xojo Developer Retreat.