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Xojo 2022r3 Includes 60 Fixes for Xojo Web

While we do our best to write software that “just works”, bugs happen. Xojo 2022r3 includes 60 bug fixes just for the Web Framework. Twenty-six of them were fixed during the Bug Bash event. Eight Feature Requests were also included in Xojo Web 2022r3. We’ve been very careful and tried to pick those on the border line between being a bug or a feature.

Both server and frontend will have less memory footprint now. The team has been working on finding and fixing memory leaks, and optimizing how the framework cleans up the controls, when pages aren’t visible anymore.

Paul and Travis made IDE improvements to load projects much faster. If you have a large Web project, you will surely notice the difference.

The WebListBox component got most of the improvements. Visually, you will notice less flickering. Internally, it will make less requests to the web server to display its data. We will continue optimizing its performance release after release. Interacting with this control is now more natural and accessible, as we’ve made it more compatible with the different OSs and devices. And just like WebListBox, almost every other control received one or more bug fixes. Check the Release Notes for a detailed list.

I would like to finish this post with a huge thank you to every user that has helped directly or indirectly creating Issues, attaching a sample project, posting on the Forum and testing the beta releases.

The community is the best feature of Xojo ๐Ÿ™‚

Ricardo has always been curious about how things work. Growing up surrounded by computers and became interested in web technologies since the dial-up connections era. Xojo has been his secret weapon and language of preference since 2018. When heโ€™s not online, chances are he will be scuba diving … or crocheting amigurumis. Find Ricardo on Twitter @piradoiv.