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Version Control Ready Xojo Lite and Free Xojo Linux Lite for Everyone

Today we are pleased to announce some big changes to Xojo Lite, the low-cost way to easily make your own desktop apps. Beginning with Xojo 2024r1, new and existing Xojo Lite licenses are version control ready. That’s not all, now you can use Xojo’s free IDE to build Linux desktop and console apps from Linux, macOS, or Windows, no license required.

Version Control Ready Xojo Lite

All Xojo Lite licenses can now use the text project file format for better compatibility with version control systems such as Git and Subversion. This should make it much easier for people to share and contribute to open-source projects on services such as GitHub and GitLab.

Xojo Lite Linux is Free

We have made Xojo Lite for Linux available for free and included in Xojo! This means that on Linux you get a version control ready IDE, along with the ability to build desktop and console Linux apps (including Raspberry Pi), all for free. Launch Xojo 2024r1 and open any desktop or console project, go to Build Settings, select Linux and in the Inspector choose the appropriate Architecture that matches the Linux OS you want your app to work on, either ARM or x86. Click Build to compile your project to a standalone app that you can then run on Linux – no license required.

Wrapping Up

All these changes were made based on feedback from the Xojo community and to better match the changing ways that people develop and share software projects, especially open-source projects on sites such as GitHub and GitLab. Xojo Desktop, Mobile, Pro and Plus Plus continue to be version control ready. With this change Xojo continues its dedication to supporting Linux.

Download Xojo 2024r1 to get started. Right now, Xojo Lite licenses are only $99 and allow you to build apps for macOS or Windows. Visit the Xojo Store for additional pricing.