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Get More Done with Open-Source Projects from the Xojo Community

The Xojo community is vibrant and active, with all kinds of clever, open-source software being created for iOS, desktop, web and Raspberry Pi. By my latest count, there are at least 80 open-source projects for Xojo on GitHub and other places!

Are you doing iOS development? If so, you can find several libraries on GitHub. Two prominent ones are iOSKit  from Jason King and AppleLib from Ulrich Bogun.

There are nearly 30 desktop-related open-source projects available for use in your own projects. For macOS developers, the macOSLib project is useful (as is the 64-bit fork). CustomEditField from Thomas Tempelmann provides a full-featured text editor for your apps. Calendar Time Chooser  from Intelligent Visibility gives you a control for selecting dates and times. There are several libraries for charting and Xojo’s own VB library might be helpful for those porting from older VB projects. Want to add auto-update capabilities to your app? Be sure to take a look at Kaju from Kem Tekinay.

For your web projects you can find libraries for notifications, including KLNotificationView from Francisco Lobo and ToastrIJ from Ian Jones. Aloe Express from Tim Dietrich can be used to quickly build your own web APIs and microservices. I’ve been meaning to try the WebSocket project from Kem Tekinay to see if I can use it to enhance the open-source Slack library.

The GPIO library is essential for those working with Raspberry Pi.

In addition, you can find tools to use with your Xojo projects, such as Format Code from Jeremy Cowgar and XsEdit from Kem Tekinay.

And there are about 30 general purpose libraries you can use with your Xojo projects. XojoUnit is the definitive unit testing framework. Check out XojoDoc from Jeremy Cowgar for an automated way of generating documentation from your Xojo source code. Or for something different, check out OpenCV from François Jouen to add open Computer Vision support to your apps.

If you have a project you want to share with the world, I encourage you to create a GitHub account and upload your project (see my tutorial here). Maybe you’ll some day catch up to prolific Xojo open-source developer Kem Tekinay who has the most with 9 projects to his name!

You can find the full list of all Xojo-related open-source projects in the Xojo Dev Center: Open-Source Projects

If you know of other open-source projects, please let me know so that I can add them to the list.