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Get Started with Xojo Lite for Only $99

Xojo Lite is designed to introduce new users to developing and building apps with Xojo. Usually $149, Xojo Lite is only $99 for a limited time.* A great way to build your first apps, Xojo Lite lets you build unlimited apps for a single platform for only $99. Build your apps for any single desktop platform, using the current Xojo release and all releases for the next 12 months.

Build Apps for macOS, Windows or Linux

Build native apps for your chosen platform – macOS, Windows or Linux – with Xojo Lite. Xojo’s cross-platform IDE allows you to develop on any desktop platform and compile for any desktop platform. So, for example, Mac developers can develop a Windows app with Xojo Lite for Windows and Windows devs can develop and compile the macOS app they need with Xojo Lite for macOS.

The Xojo Programming Language and IDE

Though there are some limitations to the license, Xojo Lite gives you the power of the Xojo IDE while developing your apps using Xojo’s object-oriented programming language, with over 40 user interface controls built-in. Create your user interface fast with the visual interface builder. Some of Xojo’s newest features are some of the most popular and are all included with Xojo Lite. For those developing on Windows, Xojo leverages the power of XAML to offer the ability to include WinUI controls alongside existing Win32 controls in Windows apps. Focusing on cross-platform features, Xojo Chart support introduced a new Stacked chart type, more customization options for the already supported chart types and improvements to the chart control itself. We also added Zip and Unzip methods. In the Xojo IDE you will find an updated Code Editor and a friendlier, easier to use Debugger. In addition to all this, you’ll be working in a faster, optimized Xojo IDE. All of these things are included in the Xojo Lite license. Plus we’ve got some great new features coming in Xojo 2024r1 too!

SQLite Database

If you are looking to connect your app to a database, Xojo Lite comes bundled with SQLite. SQLite is truly a great database to use for all kinds of apps and we go into that in this post: SQLite Rocks.


Xojo Lite is just that, “lite”, meaning a version of something that is less complex. Lite licenses do not include technical support, are limited to SQLite when it comes to database support and do not currently include version control. If you need these things or if you want to cross-compile and build apps for macOS, Windows and Linux by simply checking a box, you can upgrade a Lite license to Xojo Desktop, Xojo Pro or Xojo Pro Plus anytime. See a complete feature comparison chart of Xojo licenses.

Visit the Xojo Store and get your $99 Xojo Lite license now. All Xojo licenses are covered by a 90 day money-back guarantee.

Learning, developing and testing are all free with Xojo, no license needed. We appreciate your feedback! If you have a question or a suggestion, email Xojo.

*Xojo Lite licenses are $99 through May 11, 2024.