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Only 48 Days Until Monkeybread Software’s Xojo Conference

Register now for the biggest Xojo event in 2024!

Monkeybread Software and Christian Schmitz have organized an exceptional event in Germany taking place in just 2 months – April 22nd to 27th. Take this opportunity to meet and network with members of the global Xojo Community. Meet Geoff Perlman, Xojo’s Founder & CEO and Xojo Engineers, Javier Menendez and Ricardo Cruz.

This event includes:

  • Keynotes from Geoff Perlman and Christian Schmitz
  • Educational, Feedback and Q&A Sessions
  • Web Lab with Xojo’s Ricardo Cruz
  • Performance Lab with MBS’s Christian Schmitz
  • Dinners, Networking and Sightseeing

Training, Sessions & Events

6 Day Schedule

Monday          22nd April        Welcome Event
Tuesday         23rd April         Sight Seeing Tour & Dinner
Wednesday    24th April         Training Day & Reception in Hotel
Thursday        25th April         Conference & Dinner at Baggerado
Friday             26th April         Conference & Farewell Dinner
Saturday         27th April         Geyser Tour

Einstein Hotel Am Römerpark

The event will be hosted at the Einstein Hotel Am Römerpark, a modern business and conference hotel with unique ambiance and modern facilities. Located in Andernach across from the river Rhine, the hotel features a garden, lounge, terrace and the Sky Bar & Restaurant.

Visit, Attend & Network

Location: Andernach

Networking is not limited to the event hotel! Enjoy the evenings with other Xojo users at casual get-togethers. Arrive a day or two before the conference or stay over the weekend and schedule time to enjoy the area. Join the group for sightseeing and a Geyser Tour. Andernach has much to offer visitors including the “Runde Turm” (round tower), Mariendom (Cathedral of Mary), the old crane on the Rhine River front, the Mikveh or the well preserved town wall.

Learn everything else you need to know and Register Today at Monkeybread Software.