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Picking A Language At Runtime

One frequent request we get is to make it so users can run an application in any language that an app is built for and NOT the one the OS would use (for OS X see this blog post, Windows and Linux aren’t quite so dynamic).

But sometimes we get requests to be able to create an application that can run in a language that is NOT the same one used by the OS.

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The Real Reason Behind the Canvas/ContainerControl Transparent Property

When we added this property to the Canvas and ContainerControl there was probably a lot of head scratching going on. Some of you probably asked yourself (or us) “Why is this necessary?” or “Isn’t this pretty much the same thing as enabling DoubleBuffer?”

Well, yes to the latter question on Windows, and a slightly more optimized experience on OS X, but the impetus behind this property was really our redesigned IDE. More specifically, it was a need/requirement because of a long standing issue with our Linux framework.

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