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Xojo Programming Blog Posts

At Long Last…Web Standalone SSL

A little over a year ago, we started adding the features that were needed to directly support SSL connections in standalone web apps. We ran into a few issues during beta testing which blocked our ability to release at that time and the feature was pulled.

A recent flurry of questions regarding this feature, and the addition of Travis Hill to the web framework team this fall, prompted us to look at this feature again. It turns out that the items which were blocking the release of this feature got fixed as a result of other bug fixes in the fall and we have been able to confirm that standalone SSL does in fact work! If you’re using Xojo 2013r3 or higher, you should be able to actually use them!

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Progress Report: iOS Auto Layout in Xojo

We continue to work towards Xojo support for iOS. Since the last update, we have been working on support for Auto Layout. We demonstrated Auto Layout at XDC last year. However, at the time we only had support for it in the framework; not the IDE. In case the term Auto Layout is unfamilar to you, it’s a technology for controlling the size and postion of controls. In Xojo today, you use the locking properties. We determined early in the development of our iOS framework that locking would not be sufficent for iOS since the user will often radically change the size of the layout by rotating the device. Instead of locking, you will use Auto Layout. Think of it as locking on steroids.

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Hunting Bugs in the IDE

While no one likes to admit it, we all write software that has bugs. Recently, I was analyzing some code that seemed to be slower than desired in the Xojo IDE and I literally stumbled on a bug that has very likely been causing issues in VCP projects for a while.

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Database Transactions

I am often asked when it makes sense to use Commit with your database code. The answer is always “it depends”. To go into more detail, let’s talk a bit about transactions.

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Build Automation

Build Automation is a feature of Xojo that allows you to automatically run “steps” before and after you build your project. Are you taking advantage of this useful feature?

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How OS X Chooses a Language

As I mentioned in a previous post, beginning with Xojo 2013r4 we will no longer be localizing the IDE into any European languages. Some of our German users on OS X were surprised this morning when they launched today’s release (2013r4) expecting to get the English version of the IDE only to discover it in Japanese instead. Is this a bug?

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