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Apple Combines iOS and Mac Developer Programs

One of the things announced at WWDC last week (that was not announced in the WWDC Keynote) is that Apple has now combined the separate iOS and Mac Developer Programs into the single Apple Developer Program. So what does this mean for Xojo developers?

First, it means there is now only a single Apple Developer Program at $99 per year. Previously, the iOS Developer Program was $99 per year and the Mac Developer Program was also $99 per year. So if you were a member of both programs, you are now saving $99 per year!

The time left on any of your previous memberships has been combined. In my case, my iOS Developer Program had just expired last Friday and I had not yet had a chance to renew. But my Mac Developer Program goes until November, so now my Apple Developer Program goes until November and I have access to both iOS and Mac tools, betas, etc. If you had 3 months left on iOS and 10 months left on Mac, then your Apple Developer Program will have 13 months left on it.

You will want to log into your existing account so you can accept the new agreements that are in place.

This is a nice change by Apple. It was annoying to have separate memberships with separate end dates to track. And it’s nice of them to consolidate the pricing.

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