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The MobileMoviePlayer is a relatively new iOS feature. To use MobileMoviePlayer start a new iOS project and drag the MoviePlayer control from the Library onto a Screen.

The easiest way to load a movie is from a publicly accessible URL, although you can also load a movie from a file. You can use this URL to play a snippet of an open-source animated movie (Big Buck Bunny) made with Blender:

To make the MobileMoviePlayer load the movie, add its Opening event with this line of code:


Now add a Button to the Screen and change its Caption to “Play”. Add its Pressed event with this code:


Add another Button and change its Caption to “Pause”, with this code:


Now run the project and click the Play button to watch the short movie.

Also of note, the exact same code above will also work for Xojo Android. Here’s a quick teaser: